Sustainable Fashion


In recent years, the climate crisis has made itself felt seriously. All eyes are on the world of fashion and textiles, which are among the sectors that cause the most damage to nature. We are all worried about this. Excess waste, hundreds of thousands of surplus products, consumption frenzy, unethical workers, carbon footprints in the distribution chain...

In the world of Modaloop, we attach great importance to sustainability and aim to be a part of the solution. We want to contribute to sustainable fashion by giving life to overconsumption, products that are waiting with tags in our closets or that have only been worn a few times and thrown away.

We say, "What's mine is yours, don't buy a new one, wear what I have". Our main mission is; Bringing second-hand and past-season luxury and designer pieces back into our lives through the circular economy.


The value of unused clothes in wardrobes is thought to be around $40 billion. It's also estimated that $190 million worth of clothing ends up in landfills each year. The 2016 McKinsey report explains that three-fifths of all clothing items are incinerated or thrown away within a year of being produced.