Preliminary Information Form



1.1. Lessor

Title : Modaloop Clothing and Accessories Trade and Marketing Joint Stock Company

address : Ayazaga Mah. 215. Sk. Vadi Istanbul Teras Sitesi 3 Block NO: 4/3 Interior : : door No: 72 Sarıyer / Istanbul

Mersis No.  : 0622191019100001 

Telephone : 0 534 971 35 00

Email  :

1.2. Consumer

Name surname :

Telephone :

Email :


2.1. The subject of this Preliminary Information Form (“ Form ”) is about the Products (“ Products ”) rented by the renters (“ Consumer ) from the website of the Lessor's website (“ Website ”). ) in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts published in the Official Gazette dated 27 November 2014 and numbered 29188.


3.1. The basic features (type, quantity, brand / model, color, number) of the products are available on the website of the Lessor. The prices stated on the website refer to the rental price. Advertised prices and promises are valid until updated and changed. Prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.


4.1. In case the Products are rented, the Consumer accepts, declares and undertakes to pay the Renter of the Products in advance. Shipping charges will be covered by the Lessor.


5.1. The Lessor accepts, declares and undertakes that the Products will be delivered to the Consumer undamaged, clean and free of all kinds of defects on the delivery date.

5.2. The Consumer is obliged to check the Products as soon as they are received and immediately notify the Seller of the defects they see. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for any damages that are not notified within the day of delivery of the Products by the Consumer who inspects the Products on the delivery date.

5.3. The products will be delivered to the address specified by the Consumer at the order stage and to the specified authorized person / persons. In case there is no one to take delivery at the address, it is the Consumer's responsibility to follow up the shipment of the Products by contacting the cargo company. If the product is to be delivered to a person / organization other than the Consumer, the Lessor cannot be held responsible if the person / organization to be delivered is not present at the address or does not accept the delivery. In these cases, all kinds of damages arising from the late delivery of the Products by the Consumer and the expenses incurred due to the waiting of the Products in the cargo company and / or the return of the cargo to the Lessor belong to the Consumer.

5.4. The consumer is responsible for checking the Products as soon as they are received and when they see a problem in the Products caused by the cargo, not accepting the Products and keeping a report to the cargo company official. Otherwise, the Lessor will not accept responsibility.


6.1. In this Form, the consumer declares that he has read the preliminary information about the basic characteristics of the Products, the rental price and payment method and the delivery, and has given the necessary confirmation in writing. Consumer; By confirming this Form in writing, before the conclusion of the distance contracts, the address to be given to the Consumer by the Lessor, the basic features of the ordered Products, the price of the Products including taxes, payment and delivery information are correct and complete. it confirms.

6.2. The Lessor is responsible for the delivery of the Products intact, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

6.3. In the event that the delivery of the Products becomes impossible, the Lessor notifies the Consumer before the expiry of the performance obligation arising from the User Agreement and returns the total price to the Consumer within 10 (ten) days.

6.4. If, for any reason, the rental price of the Products is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the Lessor shall be deemed to be relieved of its obligation to deliver the Products. In case the relevant bank or financial institution fails to pay the price of the goods or services to the Lessor due to the unfair or unlawful use of the Consumer's credit card by unauthorized persons after the delivery of the Products, provided that the Consumer has been delivered to him. is obliged to return the goods or services to the Lessor within 3 (three) days. In this case, the delivery costs belong to the Consumer.


7.1. Regarding the consumer's complaints and objections, Provincial and District Consumer Arbitration Committees may apply to Consumer Courts in cases exceeding these limits, within the monetary limits determined and announced annually by the Ministry of Commerce. In this context, the Consumer may apply to the Arbitration Committees or Consumer Courts in the place of residence (residence) of himself or the Lessor.