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We accept clothes and accessories in good condition from the brands in our designer list with a sales amount of 2000 TL or more. Even if your product is not on our designer list, still contact us. Our editors can like it and include it in the selection 🙂

We will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your application. Rental prices belong to the owner, however we are always here to give you an idea!

We manage the entire rental process. We buy your products from you and send them to our contracted showrooms. We have all the boring jobs like courier, dry cleaning, tailor, ironing, photo shoot 🙂

Safe and Simple

Modaloop does the dry cleaning of your product for you, takes a photo and uploads it to the website. You don't have to deal with any steps! In this respect, it provides convenience to its users.

Earn Quickly

You earn as your product is rented. In a short time, it is possible to make a profit by exceeding the sales price of your product!

Damage Control

If something happens to your product, Modaloop is obligated to collect the sale price from the lessor. However, if this takes longer, Modaloop will pay the owner.

Sisterhood Wardrobe

Modaloop creates content that highlights your products and promotes Loopers with creative social media content and footage. Thus, it increases the chance of renting the products.